Compulsive Eating

You probably have a problem with compulsive eating if you:
• Can’t stop eating certain foods, or eating at certain times like just before bed
• Can’t stick to a diet or nutritional plan even when you think you want to
• Can’t stick to healthy portions or stop eating when full
• Feel that food controls you rather than it being the other way around
• Eat without even realizing you’re doing so
• Consider food to be your “vice”

Of course you know you’re supposed to eat responsible portions of healthy foods and keep the junk food to a minimum. But if you overeat, binge eat, or snack compulsively, you also know that eating healthily is much easier said than done.

Powerful psychological and emotional factors contribute to feeling out of control with respect to how often and how much you eat of certain foods. This can cause excessive weight gain and other health problems, leave you feeling out of control of your own behaviors, and affect your self-esteem.

In my years as a psychologist at Kaiser Permanente I have developed a specialty in short-term therapy to help you break free from bad habits with respect to food and accomplish your health and wellness goals.

Therapy doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process; we can generally start manifesting deep and lasting change in just a small number of sessions.
If these symptoms resonate with you and you’d like an opportunity to feel better about yourself, I encourage you to schedule a free initial consultation.