You are probably suffering from depression if you have been:
• Feeling down and hopeless, or like giving up
• Wanting to withdraw, isolate, or hide out from the world
• Seeing only the negative in everything
• Not enjoying activities
• Feeling bad about yourself
• Sleeping poorly or experiencing a significant loss or increase in appetite
• Feeling unusually irritable
• Hearing from people that you don’t seem like your “normal self”
• Having thoughts of death or suicide

Any one of the above listed symptoms in and of itself may not indicate a serious problem, but if you have been experiencing a number of them over a period of time, chances are you’re depressed. Whether you’ve felt down for as long as you can recall or it just started recently, you’ve probably noticed what a significant impact it has on your functioning. Depression often feels like a weight that drags on you as you try to live your life. If you are depressed you are likely to feel overwhelmed, disempowered, and unable to cope with responsibilities or challenges.

People often come to me having already tried other types of therapy for depression that center on getting more exercise and re-engaging in activities, or on replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. This may suffice for some people, but it can also feel like a band-aid that covers up symptoms without ever getting down to their roots. Plus it can be annoying to be told to think happy thoughts and go out and walk in the sunshine when the only thing you want to do is curl up in a ball on the couch and disappear.

Coherence Therapy helps me get to the root causes of depression and transform them in a minimal number of sessions for most clients. Unlike long, slow forms of therapy that require many sessions to work through depression, we are usually able to start making progress right from the start. And one of the best things about Coherence Therapy is that it allows us to explore otherwise depressing subject matter in ways are likely to help you feel more hopeful and empowered rather than more depressed.

If any of these symptoms resonate with you and you’d like an opportunity to make a change, I invite you to give it a try by scheduling a free initial consultation.