You may need help with procrastination if:
• you consistently put off or avoid important tasks
• you have failed tests, or lost jobs, promotions or other opportunities due to incomplete work or missed deadlines
• you are constantly rushing to finish everything at the last minute
• you engage excessively in behaviors like eating, cleaning, TV or internet
• you often feel like you’re drowning in unfinished tasks
• inability to engage in projects and complete tasks is holding you back from attaining your goals

Procrastination affects everyone at one time or another. There will always be some tasks you enjoy less than others, and therapy isn’t always required in order to get them done — often it’s just a matter of mustering up your willpower and pushing through. But if you procrastinate on almost everything, or if there are specific important tasks that you consistently avoid, you know how frustrated and helpless you can feel and how it can prevent you from attaining your goals.

Perhaps you have already tried to work on procrastination by improving your time management, by getting more organized, or learning to prioritize better. Each of these techniques is valuable but you may have discovered that certain tasks are resistant to all those strategies, leaving you mired once again in the paralysis of procrastination again.

You may wonder whether therapy can help. The way I work allows us to immediately start getting to the roots of your procrastination.  I find that most of my clients experience significant shifts and progress towards their goals in a relatively small number of sessions.

If these symptoms resonate with you and you’d like an opportunity to make a change, I invite you to give it a try and schedule a free initial consultation.