My Associate

If you don’t feel that I’d be the right match for any reason, I highly recommend my wife, Rivka Geoghegan, MFT, who also works with clients both in person and by phone and by Skype.

Rivka works with individuals and couples. In her specialization with couples she helps partners work on communication issues and other obstacles to a fulfilling relationship.

Watch her video here:

Like me, one of her primary modes of working is Coherence Therapy. She also combines Psychodynamic and Attachment theories, Existential/Humanistic Psychotherapy, the Hakomi Method and the Diamond Approach to guide a deeper exploration of her clients’ immediate experience.

The issues she works with include (but are not limited to): Relationships and intimacy, pre-marital counseling, depression, anxiety, life transitions, sibling relationships, couples counseling, grief and loss, parenting, family issues, self-esteem, low self worth/inner critic work, spirituality, life visioning, career and life goals, pregnancy and birth, post-partum, unresolved past experiences, sexuality, life traumas, and mindfulness.